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January 2018 Archives

Do these 6 things after a car accident

You try not to think about being part of a car accident, but you know that this could happen any time you hit the road. Even if you're doing your part in staying safe, other drivers aren't always taking the same level of caution.

Drunk driving doesn't have involve .08 BAC

As in the case of other states, police in Kentucky can assume a person is legally drunk and thus subject to a DUI charge when a motorist in Louisville has over .08 blood alcohol content. This is an important legal tool for police, since it allows them to pursue drunk driving more aggressively.

Bicyclists have the same rights as cars when on the road

Even responsible drivers in the Louisville area may unconsciously overlook the bicyclists with whom they share the road. After all bicycles are hard to see, and, oftentimes, bicyclists do not even ride on the roadways, opting instead to use a nearby trail or even the sidewalk.

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