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Representing victims of Kentucky bicycle accidents

A Louisville, Kentucky, resident's decision to ride his or her bike to work or around the town, whether on business or just for fun, is really a decision that should be applauded and respected. After all, it is a clean method of transportation, and it is also a great way for that person to get exercise and stay healthy.

Unfortunately, other motorists do not always give bicyclists the respect that they deserve. Whether they are impatient with the slower pace of a bicycle or they are just not used to watching for bicyclists and thus have a tendency not to see them, many motorists unfortunately hit bicyclists or force a bicyclist off the road or into an obstacle.

Even if it is clear that a motorist is at fault in a bicycle accident, it is not always easy to convince the responsible party or that party's insurance carrier to pay the compensation that the victim truly deserves. This is particularly true when the nature of a bicyclist's injuries are of the variety that are less apparent to the naked eye, such as serious soft tissue injuries to one's back or other parts of the body.

Moreover, in many cases, a motorist may either unwittingly or intentionally take off from the scene of a bicycle accident, leaving the bicyclist with no way to track down who is financially responsible for his or her injuries. In these situations, a bicyclist may have to deal with his or her own insurance company in order to get compensation.

The experienced professionals at our law office are available to help injured bicyclists in the Louisville are get the compensation they both need and deserve following a bicycle accident. We know how important it is to investigate a case and document the extent of our client's injuries carefully, even when it is reasonably clear that the other motorist was at fault for the accident. Doing so can better assure that our clients get the money they need to put their lives back together after an accident.

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