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Science is why we are tough on distracted, speeding truckers

This law firm knows that many residents of Louisville, Kentucky, and the surrounding locales get hurt in truck accidents. Many of these accidents are caused by inattentive truck drivers or drivers who are speeding.

On behalf of injured victims, we take a firm position with respect to drivers who were traveling to fast for the condition or who were not paying full attention to the road at the time of an accident. We work hard to hold them financially accountable for every dollar of damage they cause our clients.

Not only do we want what our clients to have the money they need to recover from their injuries, we also feel that accountability is right because a truck driver's best chance of being able to avoid a collision is to pay attention to the road and to slow down.

The principles of engineering explain some of the reasons for our logic. Simply put, because trucks weigh so much more than cars, it takes them a lot longer to come to a stop from highway speed than at would a passenger car. For instance, at 65 miles per hour, it takes a truck over 450 feet to come to a stop, and this is once the brakes are engaged. A car only requires a little less than 250 feet to stop.

The higher the speed, the longer it takes for a truck to stop, and the bigger the disparity between the stopping distance of cars and trucks.

A trucker who is speeding is going to reduce the likelihood of their being able to stop in enough time to avoid a crash. Likewise, a trucker who is distracted misses that critical time in which they can respond by applying the brakes. In short, a speeding or distracted trucker will fail to prevent an otherwise preventable accident.

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