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Average Kentucky resident will have more than one accident

According to recent statistics which have been compiled from a number of sources, the average resident of Kentucky is going to have at least one car accident approximately every 20 years. What this means is that even a good driver is going to have to report 3 to 4 car accidents in his or her life.

Thankfully, in the vast majority of these accidents, the only thing that gets damaged is a person's vehicle, although that in and of itself can present a huge inconvenience.

However, people do often get hurt or even die in car crashes. Each day, 90 people die in fatal car accidents, which translates to over 30,000 fatalities in a given year. Another 3 million people suffer some sort of significant injury after an accident, with two-thirds of them having to deal with the injury long-term.

While fatal accidents usually involve drugs and alcohol, excessive speed or outright reckless driving, other types of injury accidents often happen because a driver is either distracted or is too tired to operate his or her vehicle safely. In fact, someone who is texting and driving by that very fact alone increases his or her odds of crashing more than twentyfold.

As these statistics show, and as this blog has repeated often, many accidents on the roads around Louisville are preventable. Specifically, drivers need to be sober and have their eyes and minds completely on the road at all times. Also, they should follow the traffic laws and drive at reasonable speeds, never being in too big of a hurry to get anywhere.

When motorists do not follow these simple rules, then they can be held responsible to pay victims compensation for their losses. A victim can help ensure that they do so by filing a personal injury lawsuit seeking damages for things like medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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