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Someone who walks away from a motorcycle crash may still be hurt

Oftentimes, Louisville residents hear about motorcycle accidents that leave a rider either dead or living under the effects of catastrophic injuries such as paralysis or a serious and debilitating brain injury.

These sorts of injuries deserve public sympathy and, when they are the fault of another driver, also call for the responsible party to pay the victim or the victim's family compensation for their losses.

However, it can be tempting to think that if a motorcyclist is able to get up and "walk away" from an accident, then all is well and the motorcyclist will be fine. In fact, it can be hard to really believe the motorcyclist will need compensation at all. Such, however, is not necessarily the case.

Not all serious injuries are apparent right after an accident. For instance, a victim may discover that he or she suffered a type of soft tissue injury after the fact. Soft tissue injuries include the condition commonly known as whiplash, but they also include other sprains and strains. Basically, any injury to a persons' muscles or organs that join bones and muscles together is a type of soft tissue injury. They are not always apparent at the time of an accident for a number of reasons.

While generally not life-threatening, these types of injuries can leave a person dealing with permanent pain and can also make it very hard for a person to keep performing his or her job or even going about his or her daily routine. Significant and ongoing medical treatment may be required for these types of injuries, and they could also mean a person has to miss a lot of time on the job, assuming he or she is able to return to work at all.

Victims of motorcycle accidents deserve compensation for these types of injuries no less than they would deserve compensation for more obvious injuries like paralysis. An experienced Kentucky personal injury attorney can help a motorcycle accident victim evaluate their options and hold responsible parties accountable.

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