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Number of uninsured motorists on the road increasing

According to the most recent data available, about 13 percent, or 1 in 8, of all motorists on the highways are driving around without insurance, even though it is against the law to do so. While this is a slight increase over the previous time these numbers were checked in 2010, the figure is still below the 14.9 percent high water mark from the early 2000s.

If an insurance company drags its feet, we can step in

Previous posts on this blog have discussed how Kentucky has laws which require insurance companies to take extra steps when handling a Louisville resident's insurance claims. These laws are in place to balance the bargaining power between insurance companies and the people rely on them to pay claims promptly and completely.

Overview of Kentucky's claim handling standards

Like other states, Kentucky has a law which holds to certain standards insurance companies and individual insurance professionals who help Kentucky residents process their insurance claims. The idea behind these standards is to ensure people get treated fairly and get the compensation they deserve.

We hold insurance companies accountable when they act badly

A previous post on this blog explained that Kentucky recognizes the concept of "bad faith" in insurance cases, meaning that a Louisville resident, or, indirectly, a person who has been negligently injured in car accident or other incident, can hold an insurance company accountable if they do not handle a claim consistent with their obligations to pay legitimate insurance claims and do so promptly.

How does an insurance company act in bad faith?

Like lots of other things in our everyday lives, insurance is basically an agreement that person makes with an insurance company. In exchange for paying a regular premium, the insurance company promises to pay the person, or someone the person has negligently injured, in the event the need should arise.

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