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Steps to safely share the road with commercial trucks

Most people take great care when driving in close proximity to large trucks, and with good reason. Although commercial trucks, such as eighteen-wheelers and semi-trucks keep stores and manufacturing facilities stocked with goods and supplies, they also pose a risk to people on the road. Huge and heavy, with limits to their ability to quickly stop or otherwise maneuver to avoid a crash, commercial trucks can cause significant damage when handled irresponsibly.

Media investigation reveals multiple school bus drivers speeding

After an accident earlier this year involving a school bus, a Louisville media outlet investigated how pervasive the problem of speeding was among drivers of public school buses, drivers whom parents throughout Kentucky would naturally tend to trust as safe drivers who will protect and look after their children.

We can help victims of fatigued truck drivers

A previous post on this blog discussed how federal regulations are in place that are designed to prevent truckers from taking to the Louisville streets and highways while too tired to drive their large trucks safely. Many truckers must follow these regulations and therefore must take pull over and take a break from time to time as the law requires.

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